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lj_abuse didn't work out

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Refusal to Investigate information they asked for. [Jul. 8th, 2010|06:26 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out
I'm doing this on behalf of a friend of mine. She has written most of this up for me and I've edited it. I'm using a sock account for my own safety but it's likely I'll get suspended if they're really just trying to cover this up.

I'm sorry if this is tl;drCollapse )
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marta interview [Oct. 16th, 2008|02:54 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

I thought members of this community would be interested in my in-depth conversation with LJ staffer marta in my interview journal, talk_show.

We discuss a lot of elements of what has happened during her first year as an employee of the company and touch on topics like Russia's version of LJ and the Advisory Board Elections.

The interview is posted: HERE.

Also, if you have an idea for a future guest for this format, or are interested in being interviewed yourself, you can contact me: ljpenpusher at gmail dot com.

Thanks very much!
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LJ Abuse Codes [Jun. 17th, 2008|12:54 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out
Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew what the various codes placed by LJ Abuse staff at the beginning of reports mean?

Codes such as: 3P, M, !, 21, etcetc?


(I had my main account suspended, due to someone else remotely accessing my computer, and using it to hack. I am working on getting it back, but it seems that I am being ignored. Seeing as how my main account is a permanent account, I am quite unhappy about this.)
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LJ Advisory Board Elections [May. 27th, 2008|05:23 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

Wow, this place sure has been quiet.

In any case, some of you may not be aware that the LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections are taking place.

If you haven't been following the election, then—surprise surprise!—the current front-runner, legomymalfoy, is an active member of LJ abuse and self-described "Abuse Nazi" who has stated that she will not resign that position if elected.

In other words, the person who is about to be elected intends to simultaneously represent and police the userbase. If that sounds like hiring your arresting officer to be your defense attorney, then maybe you should take this opportunity to go vote for one of her opponents. I would suggest the current second-place candidate, jameth, both because he's the closest to beating her and because I personally believe he's best for the job, but really, anyone who is not also an abuse team member is a good choice.

Need to vote? Already voted and want to change your mind? Click Here!

Don't give the Abuse team a free pass to keep walking all over users.
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an open letter [Aug. 3rd, 2007|05:33 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out
Sorry for disturbing you, but I've got a special case. The case is - my ex-friend lead my paid lj-account created 7 years ago to suspend, and other lj (husband, mom, sister) also have been suspended.
The story shortly: we live together with that friend, and she had decided to create a new lj, and did it. We used her old account to play with mail list and some other purposes, deleted all entries, changed passwords to learn how to manage primary emails. Ealier she had given me her password and let do what I want with this account. But after 1,5 year passed, we quarreled, she wrote abuse report, that I was a hacker. She had all the time access to all her primary emails - I didn't change them ever. An all accounts with my mail - I created them for newcommers, they were all suspended. About 20-30 accounts. 

I'm not a hacker, and didn't do anything like that, I'm a grown up woman with husband and children, my account was very nice - you can see it, stories, flowers, photos, it didn,t harm anybody and thousands of people read it. I paid for this account. If I had been a hacker, that ex-friend would wrote report not now, but in 2005 or 2006, when we played with that acc. But she did it a month ago, only to kill all my activity at LJ. Shae has a new account for  year and loves it.

I wrote using a form, but AT doesn't want to clear anything. I never disturbed anybody, posted flowers and nobody wrote reports about me. And now I can't even create a new account, and all my family cannot.

Please, help. If you can't help me, help my husband, who is a writer and who approcieted his account very much. He doesn'd want a new one. And my sister - her account helped her to bit anorexia nervosa, but now she doesn't have anybody to ask an advice.

I can promise, I would never enter other people accounts, when they ask it.

Sorry for bad English, it's not my native language.

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An Open Letter To The People of SixApart [Jun. 2nd, 2007|10:10 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

Hi there, and thanks for taking a few moments from your schedules to read this.

You don't know me, but I am a LiveJournal user... one of the millions that holds an active account. I happened to have opened mine in March of 2001, so I'm not an "Early Adopter," but I do have a five digit ID, so I've been around awhile. I became a paid user almost immediately, and purchased a permanent account at my first opportunity, so I have no intention of leaving.

I need to take my time with this. Please understand, that, as a writer, I treasure my journal, and the people who have read and made comments to it over the previous six plus years I've had it. So, understand that I want to be completely fair here.

First, let me begin by congratulating you on your acquisition of LiveJournal. Of all the blog services, this is the one that was the best. It spawned several "knock-off" versions thanks to some brilliantly written open source code. It was the most compact, most highly organized and best functioning blog host, and that was due to some very logical thinking and some consumer feedback. In other words, LJ became LJ because of the people who used it, through their requests, through the customer service that the staff provided, and because that staff remained focused on constantly being in touch with the users and knowing what those users needed, and adapted the site by listening to what those users wanted.

During the time before you 6A people arrived, in fact, the vast majority of the staff of LJ were bloggers themselves first, and support for everyone else second. So, they were cut from the same cloth as we were. That's no offense to any of you, some of whom are bloggers, and others who are coming to this communications form for the first time here. All I'm saying is that when you are immersed in something and it's a part of what you do, there's a "second nature" quality to it. There's no need to consider what needs to be done; it is simply handled.

Now, as soon as it was announced that you were taking over ownership of LJ, some people immediately got upset. We were assured that nothing would change. But, let's be completely candid here. That was a promise that was never intended to be kept, much like Brad's "never an ad on LJ" promise. 6A didn't spend all that money to acquire LiveJournal to NOT attempt to make it profitable! So, those of us in the know were aware of the score. We knew advertising was going to be a part of the scene.

The trouble, of course, when you have sponsors, is that they become the top of the food chain. In other words, when you are running a site that is advertising driven, those ads become more important than the people involved, namely, the users.

Basically, you have downgraded the entire community of LiveJournal users, simply by adding ads! Now, obviously, you didn't intend that side effect, but it is a natural occurance. There can only be one "most important" element to the owner of this site, and as far as the company goes, that MUST be the element providing most of the capital. And that's not the users.

This is a fact that perhaps some people instantly understood, other people had a nagging feeling about, and still others may not have noticed. However the situations have borne out that fact. After "Nipplegate" and now, "Strikethrough," it's easy to understand how the zealous reaction of the 6A staff is geared away from users and toward sponsors, for the big money is coming from them, not us.

And that brings me to the issue of resentment. When each individual who signed up for an account here, whether free or paid, they felt as if their blogs would be their own. Yes, they are hosted on servers that don't belong to us, but we were assured that we had the right to say what we felt, to do what we wanted, to spill our guts, to write stories, show our body parts, demonstrate our vocabularies and to reflect on our lives without fear that someone would step in and tell us that isn't permitted.

In addition, most of the people who created accounts here were not intending to use them as direct "commercial" fodder, even if we wanted to do so. Of course, as the owners of the site, you may do as you please, but the point is, everyone here, on some level, knows that you are profiting (or planning/hoping to profit) from the writing that we do, and that we, the writers, are not only not sharing in that, but we are PAYING (either in cash or in ad viewing) for you to do it!

There is also a nagging rumor that 6A is planning to go public and offer stock options. Granted, this rumor has been floating around almost as long as you have owned LJ, but recently, it has developed some fresh legs.

The point here is that this blog site is not the same as a television network. On a CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox... you have the network providing content for viewers to see. Sponsors and independent producers pay the costs to create that programming and keep the network on the air. So, within that model, it makes sense that commercials are a big part of how television works.

Here, the content is provided by the users! We do the work; you earn the profits. In the most exaggerated scenario, that would be like a television network making its writers pay them for the privilege of writing scripts.

But this is exactly where we find ourselves now. The question is, can there be a resolution to what appears to be an irreconcilable situation?


Whatever you think you should be doing, don't do it. Wait a moment. Then examine what's going on, and start to form an opinion. But not before you talk with people and hear what they have to say.


Not saying you aren't expert in the field, your field of running a business, but OUR field, blogging, is a different fit. You need to stay in touch with those of us who are directly involved in that for you to not only make better choices in the decision making process, but to understand how the audience reacts to what you want to initiate or change.


Not every product should be sold via LJ. And those that are squeamish about content should be avoided. There are a lot of products out there; surely you can canvass for ones that understand the freedoms of saying and doing what we please. LJ should not change simply to cater to advertisers.


If some change in policy is being instituted, if there's some reform that needs to be made or some tweak you have planned, make sure we aren't surprised. Surprises are bad. Very bad. If you don't warn us, the instant reaction to a change will likely be one of shock, and then anger. Ideally, coming to us and asking what we think would be the most ideal, but even I don't believe that's a viable method any more. Just give us a heads-up, preferably with at least two week's notice.


Companies tend to think in terms of demographics and number stats, not individuals. But if you intend to get a grip on how we think, what we do, who we are, you need to know us. Take some time. Friend our journals. Read us. Let us read you. Share. Comment to things. In other words, become one of us. Once you get into the process of it, a lot of this will become clearer. I can't emphasize this point enough, so I'm going to capitalize it, bold it and separate it for you:


Was buying a permanent account a mistake? At least at this moment, I have hope that it wasn't.

Also, I would invite anyone who would like to appear on talk_show, to discuss any issues as pmmarcov did, last spring. Any and all of you are welcome to chat at any time.

Again, thanks for reading, and good wishes.

a.k.a. penpusher
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2007|01:49 am]
lj_abuse didn't work out
I feel most uneasy about the dismissive way in which LJ Abuse repeatedly refuses to intervene in serious situations.

I can't tell you how many times I've asked them to look into things, when random community members post threats of imminent, premeditated suicide and/or murder.

While I realize that the vast majority of these individuals are most likely bluffing...what if they're for real? What if a couple minutes truly do count?

I'm sick of the canned form letters I get expressing "sympathy" and "understanding" about my "friend in crisis"- these individuals are strangers to me, not friends, and I'm trying to get LJ, who knows their IPs, to attempt to prevent crime and tragedy.

I realize they can't legally do anything direct- but they have these people's IPs and, often, a hometown and/or school name posted in the individuals' profiles- could they not even try those leads?
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Sic Semper Tyrannus [Oct. 6th, 2006|06:07 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

EDIT: I don't know the details, but insomnia has been unsuspended as of 7:43 p.m., CDT. -- D.

iceblink reports:

Mark's account insomnia has just been suspended without notice as a result of his efforts to determine who was behind some of the phony "sock puppet" accounts that have been used to post content to their sponsored communities. Some of the information he discovered led him to do a public whois search on a URL, which turned out to be maintained by someone he suspected may be a SixApart employee. He shared the results of his research in a community opposed to advertising, and was suspended soon afterwards. Someone from SixApart monitored the community.

At this point, Mark isn't sure whether or when he will have his account restored to him. He has indicated to me that he would like me to temporarily maintain his sfbayarea and burning_man communities, and encourages the people there to be nice to each other in his absence.

He hopes that his friends will spread the word to let his other friends know what's happened, and expects that SixApart will let him back on the site eventually. I hope his years of independent reporting on the personal stories and experiences of LiveJournal's users aren't permanently deleted because of this. He's tried to be there for a lot of people when they've needed help, and hopes that they'll try to return the favor and let their friends and his other friends know what happened.

I'm concerned that just by posting this I could endanger my account too, so just in case anything happens I have a myspace account as violane. So if I am gone or suspended for whatever reason, you can contact me there.

Doesn't that just take the biscuits?

I (davidkevin) don't use MySpace, so if my account also suddenly disappears for posting this (and if it does you can be certain it's for this as I've committed no TOS violations), my LJ-associated e-mail address is davidkevin63178 (at) yahoo.com. Y'all come back, now, y'heah? (In other words, all of you please write to me if I get yanked, so we can stay in touch.)
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You Want My Opinion, "Abuse Team"? Here's My Opinion.... [Aug. 15th, 2006|06:53 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

[Current Mood |angryfurious]

"LiveJournal is committed to the ideal of free speech, as long as that does not include content which invades the privacy of others. For this reason, we would like to explain our policies before we take any action.

"It is a violation of the Terms of Service to post content which is invasive to another person's privacy, such as a full name or email address. However, it is not against the Terms of Service to post negative opinions about other users. LiveJournal is committed to preserving as much free speech as possible for its users."

-- from the boilerplate text the LJ "Abuse Team" uses over and over and over again as justification for its allowing all manner of bullying, viciousness, libel, racism, creedism, sexism, hatred, venality, and generalized evil to appear in LiveJournal pages.

Okay, I have some some "negative opinions". First off, evidence suggests that LJ Support and LJ Abuse are corrupted by friendships with members of the open-sewer passing for a community I refer to occasionally as "dot_vicious_abuse", and similar communities related to it -- members of "d_v_a" have bragged about their connections with Support on multiple occasions, daring their victims to file TOS grievances, laughing about their immunity.

It is clear to my view that this corruption extends all the way to the heads of the abuse and support departments: rahaeli a.k.a. denisep a.k.a. synecdochic, and markf a.k.a. ferrell.

You heard me, I think they're willingly corrupt. That's my negative opinion based on the evidence I've seen.

During the recent Nipplegate Affair, rahaeli had a default icon of a painting clearly showing female nipples outlined under a wisp of cloth. When complaints were made to LJ Abuse, complainants were told that Abuse couldn't see any nipples or representations of nipples. (She only changed it from her default icon under pressure after the hypocrisy became too well known, and still has it as a non-default icon.) Make your own judgement here, the icon in question is under the keywords "only way to beat it is to bat it down".

In the meantime, the "Abuse Team" (who no doubt yell "Go Team Abuse!" at meetings like The Venture Bros. yell "Go Team Venture!") has spent hundreds of person-hours harassing nursing mothers about default icons with a pixel or two of areola showing outside a nursing baby's lips, while (to cite just three of many examples) man_juice has a default icon of a naked male viewed from the front, penis exposed, get_naked has an animated default icon showing photographed couples in a variety of positions representing sexual intercourse with fully exposed female nipples, and couplefucking have an insertion shot for a default icon. The ever-so-vigilant "Abuse Team" hasn't seen it's way to object to any of these.

LiveJournal has White Power and Nazi communities, some of them only a single jerk maintainer and a couple of buddies, some of them with dozens or hundreds of members, where the plans of "what we'll do to them when we take over" are openly discussed. LJ Abuse is okay with these.

LiveJournal has "childfree" communities where mothers are enthusiastically disparaged as "moos" and children are considered "sprogs" or "crotchdroppings". LJ Abuse is okay with these.

LiveJournal has fundamentalist Christian communities where the Burning in Hellfire of everyone who isn't them is regarded joyously, where the plans of "what we'll do to them when we take over" are openly discussed. LJ Abuse is okay with these.

LiveJournal has communities where teen-aged girls suffering the disease of anoxeria urge each other on in their effort to starve themselves to death. LJ Abuse is okay with these.

(And related to this, six times I saw suicide announcements in the depression community. Six times I reported them to LJ Abuse/Support for possible intervention. Six times, LJ Abuse/Support workers had private information available to them about these members which could have been used to contact relatives or local authorities to prevent these suicide attempts and chose, deliberately, to do nothing. Did they die? I don't know, but if they did, LJ Abuse/Support apparently was okay with their deaths.

(I've given up reading the depression community. Perhaps LJ Abuse/Support people get off on seeing sick people announcing their imminent, self-inflicted deaths. I don't.)

I have not the words to strongly enough voice my contempt and disgust with the men and women of LJ Support and LJ Abuse. They appear from their actions to be among the most emotionally stunted, venally corrupt, unfeeling sociopaths it has ever been my displeasure to encounter.

This is what your money supports, paid members who are reading this. This is what the advertising revenue supports, Sponsored Plus members who are reading this. Are a few extra User Icons worth it?

P. S.: If my journal is suddenly suspended, well, speaking truth to power always has risks, but as a philosopher of my youth put it, "I've had all I can stands, and I can't stands no more!"

P. P. S.: Also see this article: http://davidkevin.livejournal.com/216377.html.
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|10:00 pm]
lj_abuse didn't work out

Is it actually possible to be banned from lj without posting personal details or others intellectual property?, i've been reported at least three times, banned from a number of communities and countless personal accounts, for instance brutalentropy tried desperately to ban me using instances of my trolling both communities and himself, so again how do you get banned?.
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