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abuse_lj_abuse's Journal

lj_abuse didn't work out
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This is NOT lj_abuse - if you wish to make an abuse report please follow the instructions found in FAQ #105 - How do I contact the Abuse team?.

This community has been created in reaction to several (scattered around communities and in my own personal experience) complaints regarding lj_abuse. It is not an official LJ community and has no connection with either lj_abuse nor any of the LJ staff or volunteers.

This community is only for when you believe lj_abuse has failed to take action on a matter that may (or may not) be a violation of the ToS. It is not intended as place to come to attack the staff or volunteers of LJ and all posts deemed to be a personal attack on any member WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING! (Edit: or requested to edit the post to remove the offending content.) Threats, abuse, or harassment will not be tolerated.

As of 10:30am, 25th April, 2005, GMT, ALL posts and comments to be written in English (to assist in mod'ing), otherwise they will be deleted.

This community accepts comments from anonymous users since, obviously, if someone has been been suspended/deleted, they may not have an (legal) account to post from. However, please be aware that IP numbers ARE being logged.

If you feel you must post a picture to accompany your issue, put it behind a <lj-cut text="tag">, otherwise the post gets deleted.

This is not a place to bitch and whine because the abuse board didn't help you throw someone else's rattle out of the playpen, but if you really do think that the abuse board got it wrong in your case, feel free to post with all the evidence. Miracles aren't promised however.

This community was NOT set up as a place to post in the hopes of getting the Abuse Team to change their minds on any decisions already made, but merely to serve as a place to air views and concerns over such decisions in the hopes of someone else understanding your perspective.

All posts to this community must have comments enabled and unscreened, else they will be removed.